Direct TV

Who would not watch TV? Besides entertainment, it can turn the brains for you to elect the right person or can help you to do smart and challenging roles.

From old Game of Thrones to internet shows like Doom Patrol, you can enjoy whatever and wherever you want to watch on your laptop/tablet or mobile/pc.

Do you remember how often the last episode of your favourite series beckoned for you to find out what will happen next? We all often anxiously get home to watch our favourite show or movie. People need the freedom to watch and enjoy television with the channels of their choice. The customer is king as he has the liberty to switch between the service providers without a sweat.

Sports TV

Our Direct TV bundles deals are promoting sports all over the world. We don’t only offer tickets for NFL and NBA but also allow you to record matches of your favorite football team.

Our local news and sports channels will be free, if you invite your neighbour or friend to watch TV with you.

Our music channels are the first choice for any music lover. You can also play music in the background or at home. If you add internet with Direct TV, the installation will be completely free along with unlimited surfing.

My Game

When it comes to sports, it would not be wrong to say that we have fanatics. The fans don’t only follow their favourite teams but also their lives are completely influenced by their favourite player or team.

Whether it is super bowl, champions league or world cup, our bundle can show you all matches.

Do you love music? Well who doesn’t. This package can take your music love to the next level.

My Digital

The knowledge of customers has enhanced remarkably through online channels. The ratings and reviews all have played a great role in feeding us with the latest news and product knowledge. Our packages are available everywhere including your TV or mobile. You just need to download our app to enjoy the unlimited services of Direct TV. You just need an Internet Connection to enjoy the 260+ HD Channels on your smart phones.

Easy TV Package

  • Connect more than one TV
  • No Contracts Needed
  • Watch TV anywhere

Do you want to see TV in any part of the world?  There is no hassle of wires and you have the freedom to enjoy 200 + channels wherever you want to. We are confident that no other service provider can provide the below features.

  • 4K
    Ultra HD Quality
  • 200+
    Online Channels

Why Us?

There are no home installation requirements for fibre optics. Our Direct TV packages includes free modem and you don’t need to have a phone line. There is also no maintenance cost with a low initial one-time price.

You feel no difference in internet speed even when there is a peak usage time. Our Direct TV bundles prices are comparatively low as compared to other service providers in the market. But there is NO compromise on quality.

    • No Data Limit
    • No Impact of Location on Quality of Internet. Fastest Speed of ….
    • NO Contracts Required
    • No installation Cost
    • NO Cancellation Cost
    • FREE TV Receiver
    • Free Live Streaming on Netflix
    • No hassle of finding the separate service provider of internet, phone and TV
    • Enjoy our deals, offers, discounts and codes to save money.

If you subscribe to our Sports, news channels the channels like HBO, Cinemax would be free for 2 months

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