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Despite the promising results described in this chapter, it should be noted that the study of the relationship of childhood physical activity, aerobic status and overweight with cognitive function and brain health, and game? dm = middle & page number = 0 is at an early stage. Accordingly, most studies have used schemes that allow correlation rather than causality…

Our model suggests that positive academic emotions have a positive effect on academic performance. Pekrun et al. They stated that emotions are involved in almost all aspects of the teaching and learning process. Positive emotions associated with learning can affect student achievement by influencing the quality of the learning process, the quality of the teacher-student relationship and classmates and an effective teaching. In this regard, Meinhardt and Pekrun stated that learning is constantly accompanied by emotions, and emotions affect the concentration, processing, storage and retrieval of information. Thus, emotions are associated with four types of basic mental processes, including attention, concept formation, and highlighting the cognitive and metacognitive resources required to learn. In addition, according to Pekrun’s control value theory, emotions can affect people’s academic performance through their influence on several mediating factors such as academic motivation, memory, and cognitive and metacognitive resources. Moreover, most of these studies have been conducted in the fields of psychology, social sciences, and education, and the results of these studies cannot be generalized in a medical context….

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However, some others are currently ongoing and it was necessary to provide evidence through correlation studies before investing the effort, time and funding required for more sophisticated causal studies. Furthermore, it is unclear whether the policy requires students to have a higher GPA in order to be eligible to participate. Over the past three decades, several reviews and meta-analyzes have described the relationship between fitness, physical activity, and cognition. Recently, reviews have attempted to describe the effect of a sudden or single period of physical activity as behavior on academic performance. These reviews focus on brain health in older adults and the effects of acute physical activity on adult cognitive performance. .

This study is critical as it examines the motives and strategies of Liberian students and the factors that hinder their learning. Recognizing this, Zimmerman emphasizes that there is a growing pedagogical need to understand how students develop the ability and motivation to regulate their learning. Zimmerman believes that when students monitor their reactions and attribute results to their strategies, their learning becomes self-regulatory and they show increased self-efficacy, greater intrinsic motivation, and higher academic achievement. Gasco et al noted that motivation plays an important role in learning because it mainly explains bibliography citations. In addition, research has shown that student motivation and their use of strategies have some impact on student performance.. .

However, a large amount of medical literature on emotions shows that many medical students experience stressful situations during their studies leading to depression and anxiety. Very little effort has been made to see how these emotions affect student self-regulatory learning. As for the Iranian context, since doctors have very high incomes, most students actively compete for the right to enter this specialty, so the smartest students with the highest potential are accepted to continue their studies in this specialty. From a genuine and practical mechanical perspective, physically active and aerobic, children are constantly spending more of their inactive and unusable peers in academia, both in the short and long term. Time spent in physical activity is associated not only with a healthier body, but also with improving cognitive performance and brain health throughout life. Taken together, results from the entire literature in this area suggest that mediated aerobic fitness increases are associated with improvements in the integrity of the underlying brain structures and functions The strongest link was found between aerobic ability and performance in math, reading and English..

The results of most of these reviews are consistent with those presented in the meta-analytical review by Fededev and An. The studies reviewed by Fedeva and Ahn include experimental / quasi-experimental models, as well as transverse and correlation, with experimental models producing the highest effect sizes. The strongest link was found between aerobic ability and performance in mathematics, followed by IQ and reading. Cognitive performance range, participant characteristics, and study model types mediated the relationship between physical activity, physical condition, and academic performance…

Recent related and evolving literature investigates the association of overweight with cognitive function and brain health, and Furthermore, studies in non-human animals have been used to investigate the relationships between health indicators and cognitive and brain health (see Figure 4-4 for a summary of these relationships). Collectively, these studies have observed lower future performance in children who went to school overweight or shifted from normal weight to overweight during development. Supporting evidence for a negative association between overweight and academic performance can be found in small but more tightly controlled studies. Other studies have found a significant link between positive academic emotions and metacognitive learning strategies. In particular, control value theory predicts that achievement emotions influence the use of metacognitive learning strategies. Several studies have shown a positive link between positive academic emotions and cognitive and metacognitive learning strategies.. .

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For children in school, regular physical activity is especially helpful for tasks that require working memory and problem solving. These findings are supported by the results of reliable correlation studies and randomized controlled trials. Implementing the Coordinated School Health Model as required by the state requires all Texas schools to conduct an annual Fitnessgram fitness test for students in grades 3-12. Also, using data from schools in Texas, Van Dusen and his colleagues found that the cardiovascular system has a strong connection to it, especially in reading math. Since students are at the center of the learning process, it is imperative to conduct tailored research on their motivations, strategies, and barriers to learning, as students themselves play a critical role in changing learning and improving academic performance. Therefore, Pintrich acknowledged that research on student motivation is essential to research in learning and teaching. Pintrich et al. Demonstrated that positive motivational beliefs are positively associated with higher levels of self-regulatory learning.

According to Schunck, Pintrich believes that students should pursue, regulate, and control their cognition, motivation, and behavior as part of self-regulatory learning. According to Pintrich, Zimmerman has shown that students who self-regulate, set goals or plans, and try to control and monitor their cognition, motivation, and behaviors based on those goals are more likely to perform better in school….

Since the nature of the academic field is assumed to influence student learning strategies, there may be a difference between approaches to teaching medical students compared to those of other university students. Moreover, students from different educational institutions and backgrounds experienced different emotions. As Artino et al., Beenshte observed that these emotional factors have been largely ignored in the medical educational literature. Instead, the medical education literature tends to focus primarily on cognitive factors, such as previous academic achievement, that do not explain much of the difference in academic performance.. .

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